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Common Questions

  • What's an Open Photo Booth?
    An Open Photo Booth usually has a backdrop that you take photos against, but it has no sides and you don't go inside it. It has more space, can fit more people into the image and allows for much more fun and freedom of expression and you can theme it however you like. . A traditional photo booth often has a small closed off space where you sit in front of a camera!
  • Will there be an attendant at the booth?
    Usually yes. They set everything up, ensure it all runs smoothly, encourage people to join in and offer tips and assistance when taking the images. Some people prefer a dry hire and like to run the booth themselves and we can cater to that also.
  • Are the photo booth props included?
    Yes. We provide hats, moustaches, glasses and heaps of other items. Unless you want to provide your own based on a particular theme.
  • How many photos can I print?
    As many as you like during the time of the hire.
  • Do I get copies of all of the digital photos?
    You can email and text your images. We can set them up with a QR code or even Airdrop. After the event we'll send you a link to a copy of all of the photos - unedited. :-)
  • Do you charge for travel?
    We operate out of the northern end of the Gold Coast and the first 25km is all included - which covers most of the Gold Coast and South Brisbane. Anything over 25kms can be charged at $1.10c per km - which is exactly the amount we pay our team for transport to venues that are a little bit further away.
  • Why do I need to pay a deposit upon booking and pay in full 14 days prior to the event?
    Our services are often booked up to 6 months in advance. To hold your spot we need your deposit. Payment is required 2 weeks before as we may not be able to re-book for that slot so close to the date. If we can, we'll always try to reschedule rather than charge a booking or cancellation fee.
  • Are you insured?
    We carry $20M of public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Some venues require proof and we're happy to send a Certificate of Currency if needed.
  • Do I need to provide anything?
    Our booths need power, our staff need safe access, a close parking spot for loading and unloading of our gear, and, if running at a venue where food is catered specifically for the event, a basic meal for our staff members (called a rider). And of course if we are creating any custom theme for you then we will need artwork - like logos for example. We'll supply everything else.
  • How long is the actual photo time?
    If you book us for a 4 hour event, then the photo time is 4 hours. Setup and pack down times are before and after the booked time.
  • Do you setup or pack down during and event.
    Our preference is to set up before guests arrive and pack down after the event has concluded. This is particularly so for weddings because who wants their event spoiled by a supplier packing up mid event. However, for particularly long events, such as corporate trade shows that are far less intimate, we'll work out setup and bump out times according to your schedule.
  • Are kids allowed?
    Of course. We run everything from Baby Showers to kids parties and even have photo templates and backdrops with kids themes. Our booths can even be lowered and the head set tilted to capture those built a little closer to the ground.
  • Are pets allowed?
    As long as they don't chew the backdrops! :-)
  • Can we use our own background?
    Of course. We're happy to work with just about any setup you have. We love it when people have their own themes. Usually corporate marketing events are all about the client branding and we can even wrap our booths in your style.
  • Do you support not for profit organisations and charities?
    Our business philosophy is to follow a Conscious Stakeholder Model where we include the community and the environment as stakeholders in our operations. If you are from a non profit or community based organisation feel free to get in touch.
  • How big is the booth area and how high are your backdrops?
    A 3 x 3 space is plenty for us - but let us know your space if it's not that big and we'll see if we can work with that. Our backdrops are 7.6 feet high.
  • Can I share straight onto social media?
    Yes. Through the links when you send a photo to your email or phone messages you can send it straight into Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other platforms. At this stage Instagram still doesn't allow a direct send but once you have the digital image you can send it anywhere.
  • How can I get my photos on the night?
    Email, SMS, and sometimes Air Drop, QR Code and printed.


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