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How would you like your photos?

Brilliant photos. Animated GIFs. Surprising Boomerangs. Entertaining video clips. With our booths you can have it all. When creating an event you can either select one content type or make any combination. Over to you...


Make sure your guests remember who threw that great event.
Photo print outs turn beautiful content into beautiful keepsakes.
Choose from stunning layouts in postcard size or traditional strip styles.

Traditional 2 x 6 Print Options

4 x 6 Print Options

Shared & Live Galleries

With ShutterPod you can share your galleries at the end or even during the event. Run a Live Gallery on any screen and build the story in real time as the event progresses.

Need content moderation? We got you covered. Simply hide any post at any time. 

And after the event, share the entire range of photos online, either open or password protected.

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