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Smile. Click. Repeat

Themed, customised and suited for any type of event.

Parties and Special Occasions

Whether you’re turning 18 or 80, having a photo booth at your celebration is a great way to entertain your friends and family!

Group images with backdrops, props and animated shots are guaranteed to add to the event fun and give you a gallery of memories to keep forever.


School Formals and Graduations

From Year 12 Formals, to University and College Graduations & Award Ceremonies, students are some of the most animated and tech savvy photo booth posers of them all, using all of the digital options to pose, post and share. Coupled with the right theming, photo booths are a must at any Education event. 


Community, Fundraiser and Charity Events

ShutterPod Photo Booth capabilities are available to craft an experience to support any fundraising, charitable or community theme or initiative. Custom campaign branding, theming, education and even fund raising can be uniquely designed and supported. 


Christmas and Seasonal Parties

Christmas, Halloween, Valentines. Any seasonal event or celebration can be themed and supported to capture the magic of the moment, and give everyone a printed photo keepsake with custom photo layouts or access to all the entire gallery of the event's festivities. 


Weddings and Engagements

Entertaining your guests on your wedding day can be an amazing opportunity to capture memories of everyone at their best. 

A photo booth at your wedding  captures those moments of together ness that many family and friends only get to have at occasions like these. 


Marketing, Branding & Conferences

Branding activations, Marketing events, Conferences and even recruitment processes, can be supported & supplemented with videos, survey and feedback data capture. They bring another level of interaction to immerse your staff and customers and provide vital data after the event.

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Virtual and Remote Photo Booths

Able to run anywhere that has an internet connection, everyone can join an event even if they can't be be there in person or where an event is completely virtual. Our virtual photo booth experience allows everyone to join the event, no matter where they are.

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Baby Showers and Reveals

Add a touch of joy to your baby shower or gender reveal. Our user-friendly setup ensures everyone, from little ones to adults, can join the family fun. Cherish the celebration with high-quality prints and instant digital photos, creating access to a gallery of unforgettable memories!

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